Got MLK? ABS introduces new packaging for Minx, Linx & Kinx

Posted: April 29, 2016

ABS Holdings has announced that it has given its Minx, Linx & Kinx ranges a design overhaul. The distributor says that the MLK ranges are always expanding and the new packaging reflects the new additions to the collection.

“The new packaging has crisp, clear information on the product and gives easily accessible info on the materials and product uses,” said ABS Holdings senior sales executive Glenn Wilde. “This ensures an easier experience for our customers, ensuring that they know everything they need to about our exciting Minx, Linx and Kinx ranges. Customer favourites including the Minx Seven Seas six inch Double Stimulator and the Linx Triple Cock Ring Set now boast the brand new packaging.”

ABS has also announced that Spanish Fly Extra is now in stock. The product is said to contain a potent formula that improves sexual performance and stimulates erotic energy while giving vitality in the bedroom. According to the distributor, Spanish Fly Extra drops are easily absorbed by the body and stimulate sexual desire for increased intimacy. The drops contain L-arginine HCL that stimulates blood flow to the genitals for enhanced performance and Vitamin C that stimulates the functioning of the nervous system, increasing energy and giving the user more endurance when it really counts. 15 of the drops are placed under the tongue 30 minutes before sexual activity, though users should be aware that this amount should not be exceeded in a 24 hour period.

ABS Holdings:

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