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Vow and Confess: new silicone impact tools from Tantus

Tantus is now shipping the latest additions to its collection of silicone impact tools: the ‘Vow’ Cane and ‘Confess’ Crop. Vow is said to be a reimagined, elegant twist on the classic cane, featuring Tantus’ bespoke woven fabric and a 100% medical-grade silicone diamond-pattern grip. It utilises a stiff material with barely any flex, according to Tantus.

Confess is a deconstructed riding crop inspired by equestrian design. The firm says the crop has a 100% medical-grade silicone head and grip, for intensified energy transfer, while a woven fabric covers the shaft, and the silicone grip has nickel-free metallic accents.

“Both products feature high-quality, striking, eye-catching designs that will stand out on shelves and in consumers’ play scenes,” said a Tantus spokesperson. “They are not only functional but also evoke a visual response, helping to create an immersive environment with their aesthetic.”

The company says silicone impact tools offer several advantages: “The premium silicone material used in these tools provides a weightiness that enhances percussive energy transfer, offering a unique combination of thuddy and stingy sensations,” Tantus stated. “Moreover, silicone tools are easier to clean compared to leather or faux leather counterparts— and about half of Tantus’ silicone impact tools feature insertable handles, making them ideal for play involving bodily fluids.”

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