Vibes to go: Nasstoys launches three new travel vibes

Posted: June 28, 2019

Nasstoys has added three new travel vibes to its Intense collection. The Intense Travel Vibe Expert, Intense Travel Vibe Mini, and Intense Travel Vibe Petite are all waterproof, offer ten functions and are fully rechargeable with a two-hour battery life. The Travel Vibes are available in lavender or pink in all three sizes.

“The Intense Travel Vibe Expert, Intense Travel Vibe Mini, Intense Travel Vibe Petite have all been overwhelmingly popular with distributors and retailers,” said Melody Cazarin, Nasstoys sales representative. “The Intense Travel Vibe Petite has really taken off because there isn’t another bullet like it on the market. It’s very small, but very powerful and can be used anywhere on the body.”

The Travel Vibes range in length size from 5.5” to 2.25”.

Nasstoys president Elliot Schwartz commented: “We have been very happy with the feedback and sales of the Intense Travel Vibes. Our customers, both distributors, and retailers have made multiple comments about the convenience and overall look of the low-profile packaging. With almost 45 years in business, we are still continually looking for ways to improve and offer a better experience to our customer.”

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