New finishes and packaging for Rocks-Off RO-80mm

Posted: June 28, 2019

Rocks-Off RO-80mm bullet enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that the manufacturer is releasing four new variants, along with a new Silhouette: Dark Desires gift pack. The four new bullets [pictured] sport metallic finishes and all-new packaging, and Rocks-Off said: “The original multi award-winning passion pleaser is still the best-selling and most popular single-speed bullet in the world, and the newly designed packaging and colourings bring the bullets into the present.”

The Silhouette: Dark Desires pack includes a Rascal Rabbit, Pleasure Me, and Tease n Please.

“Dark Desires are made with soft flexible body-safe silicone with Tease n Please being removable for hygiene and cleansing,” said Rocks-Off. “The colourings of black and gold complement each other as well as being on trend.”

Rocks-Off products are available from EDC Wholesale, Eropartner Distribution, Net 1on1 Wholesale, Rimba, S&T Rubber, and Scala.