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Spotlight: Adult superstar Tanya Tate talks career control, inspiring others, and Kiiroo’s new stroker…

Spotlight: Adult superstar Tanya Tate talks career control, inspiring others, and Kiiroo’s new stroker…

Last month Kiiroo launched FeelTanya, the latest addition to its FeelStars Collection. The device allows Tanya Tate’s fans to enjoy her content syncing with her FeelStar stroker using Kiiroo’s Keon. To mark the release, ETO caught up with the multi-award-winning star and entrepreneur to discuss the development of the product and much, much more – including whether technological advancements have resulted in this being the best time in history to be a porn star…

ETO: Does the hullaballoo surrounding Tanya Tate’s Sex Tour of Ireland DVD seem like an eternity away to you now?

TT: My trip taking a camper van to Ireland was around 13 years ago, yet it only seems like yesterday. As talent you were given the box cover of a DVD based on your popularity: which face and body will enable the DVD to get more sales. The Tanya Tate Sex Tour of Ireland was a showcase movie that caught the mainstream. I was on the front page of the newspapers. It was the first movie of its kind and opened up the narrative for the people of Ireland to talk about ‘sex’. I would have fans tweet at me years later that I was back in the Irish newspapers again.

ETO: With performers now having much more control over their careers, and the opportunity to leverage their fame financially, is this the best time in history to be a porn star?

TT: I stopped shooting for studios back in 2016 and in 2017 I became a mum. This was around the same time that premium social media was starting to take off. It enabled me to shoot at home for my fans. I love being able to take control of my career. I choose when I want to work, what type of scene I produce and with whom by focusing on my premium social media such as OnlyFans and SextPanther. I started off shooting only solo, and now I am back doing girl/girl and boy/girl scenes exclusively for my premium social media. It is definitely more rewarding both financially and for my fan connections. We only get paid one set fee when we shoot a scene for a company. When we shoot for ourselves we can continue to keep reselling the scene and the profits are our own. I love that we the performers hold this opportunity in our hands.

ETO: You’ve won many awards during your career, including a dozen International MILF of the Year, so what do you do with all your trophies? Do you have a custom-built cabinet to house them all?

TT: LOL I have a few. I did have them in a display cabinet but I had to pack them away from prying eyes. It started with my SHAFTAs, which coincidentally are a golden cock, balls, and a hand. My latest one, XRCO Hall of Fame 2023, is currently sitting on my desk. It feels the most important as it is in recognition of my work and everything I have contributed within the adult entertainment industry,

ETO: You have established yourself as a successful business owner across several mediums, and your company [Star Factory PR] now represents some of the industry’s top talent. Do the new performers coming through aspire to emulate your business success as much as your on-screen success?

TT: Star Factory PR provides talent with access to publicity and opportunities to broaden their brand. I feel honoured that other talent looks to me and can see how I have enabled my career to successfully continue, almost 15 years later. If I can inspire others to be successful then this is a true blessing.

ETO: You’re becoming increasingly well known for your podcast – Tanya Tate Presents Skinfluencer Success – how does this medium compare to movies?

TT: I was a host of The Tanya Tate Show, aired live weekly on Vivid Radio, syndicated on Sirius XM satellite radio for seven years. When the network closed I was already looking to continue how to keep being on air for my fans. The Tanya Tate Presents Skinfluencer Success podcast was started. It is a way for me to provide tips via premium social media and positive stories. I also have guests who share their journey and how they have overcome adversity. It is a way for fans to really get to know me and my guests. I am open to interesting positive guests who are in the industry and have a story they want to share. Those interested can tweet at me @TanyaTate or send their pitch to [email protected]. The podcast is shared on places where movies would be banned such as YouTube and all the major podcast platforms, such as Apple, Spotify, and Audible. I also share early access, bloopers, and upcoming guest info on Patreon.

ETO: Do you film yourself doing the podcast or can you just relax while recording it in your comfy womfies with your hair at odd angles?

TT: My daily routine involves getting up, showering, and dressed either into yoga pants if I am going to the gym or pjs if I am staying home. I don’t even mind going to the supermarket in me pjs – you can take the girl out of Liverpool LOL! When I record the audio part of my podcast, which is about what I have been up to and some form of positive reminders, you can bet I am in pjs with hair tied back in a pony. When I am interviewing a guest, this part is always video, so I make sure I have on some makeup, hair straightened, and a top that shows a little cleavage.

ETO: What can you tell us about the content you’re now shooting for your premium social media channels?

TT: I stopped shooting boy/girl in 2013 and girl/girl in 2016 for studios. I originally started making content for my premium social media channels as solo only. Now I am back shooting BG and GG, exclusively only for my fans. I do not shoot for any production companies except myself. This enables the fan to know where they can find all my brand-new movies: find me on SextPanther, ManyVids, and OnlyFans.

ETO: What is your main motive for collaborating with manufacturers such as Kiiroo? Is it for the additional exposure, the financial reward, or a way to keep your name at the forefront of your fans’

TT: There are many reasons for collaborating with a Kiiroo. I get additional exposure from the company marketing, I make a commission each time a fan buys my toy, and it is a reminder that yes I am still here to have fun in many different ways. I am excited the fans can get to feel me, watch me on my interactive content, and be fully immersed in the Tanya Tate experience. I can’t wait to play with my fans on video chat and watch them use my toy. The ultimate reward is to see a fan orgasm for me right in front of my eyes.

ETO: As you’ve been with Kiiroo for eight years – and you have an exclusive agreement with the firm for strokers – it is probably safe to say you have a good working relationship with the company, but who first approached who?

TT: I did have a version of their earlier toy when they collaborated with another toy company. I first got to meet the CEO Toon [Timmermans] at that point and found him to be a wonderful, kind person and very approachable. I have found them to be amazing right from the beginning. They are very model oriented and professional. They really care about all their models. I am honoured the opportunity arose for me to be on their team. I have also recommended several of my Star Factory PR clients who went on to also have their own Kiiroo stroker.

ETO: How involved were you in the creative process and development of the FeelTanya stroker?

TT: This is one of the ways Kiiroo stands out. They fully involve talent. I was able to have input into shaping my personality and interests into my stroker. They have a creative team who took my ideas onboard. We had several meetings to brainstorm, see their presentations, and give feedback on the final creative storyboard. You can see my love of wrestling and of course a good old British cuppa in my Kiiroo media.

ETO: Did you have any influence over the internal structure?

TT: Their creative team input my ideas and personality into some internal sleeves. I was presented with several and I chose the one that I envisioned the fans would love to feel, a little dominating with some sensuality.

ETO: What will you be doing to help promote the launch of your new product?

TT: I have been shooting video content with my toy – masturbation and instructional videos. I used it on another guy, I controlled his orgasm using my toy and Keon package. Clips are on my Twitter but the FeelTanya Stroker climax videos I saved to share on my OnlyFans. I am sharing the news of my toy on my social media and on my podcast. My loyal fans are helping share their experiences online. Kiiroo has an amazing marketing team who helped me promote with a giveaway contest. I would love to do some personal appearances to promote my FeelTanya Stroker, especially back in the UK. I am available for mainstream interviews via my publicity company, Star Factory PR.

ETO: Are you still involved in the cosplaying world as Lady Titan?

TT: I did enjoy attending so many Comic Cons and my own character was born out of my love for dressing up as a superhero. I last attended a comic convention before I became a mum. Maybe the opportunity will arise for Lady Titan to ‘find’ a FeelTanya Stroker and use it to control villains. Sounds like a plot for a sex scene, might have to suit up again!

ETO: Where do you expect most FeelTanya sales will come from, via retailers or direct from yourself or the manufacturer?

TT: My toy only just launched so once I see ongoing monthly stats I will know for sure. I am directing my fans to go to the Kiiroo website and buy the toy directly from my page. Kirroo is an amazing company that gives each of their models the opportunity to be available wholesale, which makes me super excited that fans both in the UK and worldwide will be able to go down to their local sex shop and pick me up.

ETO: With many of us still recovering from the effects of lockdown isolation, do you think that virtual sex via mechanical means is going to become even more popular in future?

TT: Virtual sex became even more popular during lockdown and, like working from home, hands free sex toys became more popular. I was featured in a recent Channel 5 documentary ‘Sex in the Future’ which covered the launch of my Feel Tanya Tate Stroker. You can connect me up to interact with my movie content online: all you need to do is lay back and let my Feel Tanya Stroker and Keon do all the work. With us moving towards an AI world, I do believe interactive toys are going to be growing in popularity.

ETO: Do you have any concerns about this?

TT: As with all new things in life, there may be some concerns, but I learn to embrace and welcome new ideas and inventions. Without growth our world would not be as advanced as we are now.

ETO: Finally, is it time for Jurgen Klopp to go?

TT: I love Klopp, he is boss. He is one of the best managers in the world and it will be a sad day when he leaves. But I don’t think he’s going to be leaving for a couple more years yet. Liverpool FC has won six major trophies since his appointment as manager. It was a tough season but we finished in the top five, unlike our Merseyside rivals who were almost relegated. Let’s see what this new season brings. If I could bet on a replacement, I would love to see Stevie Gerard take the reins.

Tanya can be found on Twitter via @TanyaTate and full details of the FeelTanya Stroker can be seen here. For sales enquiries email [email protected]