‘Scientifically proven to be more pleasurable’ Happy Rabbit Slimline ships

Posted: November 7, 2018

Lovehoney has announced that its range of Slimline Happy Rabbits is now shipping, which is excellent timing as recent scientific research has revealed that women using the device enjoy a more enjoyable experience than those who pleasured themselves with just their hands.

Conducted by neuroscientist Dr Nicole Prause, founder of sexual biotechnology firm Liberos, the purpose of the study was to test the effectiveness of the updated Happy Rabbit versus manual stimulation. 19 women, with an average age of 31 and a wide range of racial and age diversity, have so far been tested. Each of the women visited the lab twice under strict lab conditions – once to use a Happy Rabbit vibrator, and the other to masturbate using their hands.

Lovehoney says that Dr Prause discovered that excitement levels and measures of orgasmic sensations were all reported for a longer period of time when using the Happy Rabbit, and for some women, their alpha brainwave levels were also higher.

The Happy Rabbits also lived up to their names with the emotional response from the study suggesting that women who used them had higher levels of excitement, longer-lasting orgasms, and more desire to play from start to finish, during testing, than the hand-based session.

Not only did the women experience heightened feelings of sexual arousal when using the Happy Rabbits, they were also more likely to experiment with different techniques, as opposed to when using just their hands.

Lovehoney’s sales consultant Laura Wood commented: “We now have scientific proof that women enjoy longer and more pleasurable orgasms when using a Happy Rabbit vibrator. It was great to put the new products through a thorough scientific study by one of the world’s leading sexologists and get such positive results.”

The Slimline range of Happy Rabbits consists of a G-spot rabbit vibrator, curve rabbit vibrator, and realistic rabbit vibrator, all USB are rechargeable and their designs were inspired by thousands of reviews from Lovehoney customers. POS is available for retailers. For more information email enquiries@lovehoneytrade.com or visit www.lovehoneytrade.com