Satisfyer patent protection will result in brand taking action against copies

Posted: April 2, 2019

Satisfyer has announced that its Air Pulse technology is now registered for patent protection across the whole of Europe along with Canada, Mexico, and Australia, and patent protection is also “imminent” in other territories, including the USA, China, Russia, South Africa and other markets. And Satisfyer intends to actively pursue any companies which are infringing on its intellectual property.

Jerome Bensimon, vice president of sales for the brand, said: “The registration of our patents is clear to our distributor partners and thus will have a positive effect on the retail trade. We can now begin to sue all copies of our technology in the marketplace and will demand in the next few weeks the first claims for damages.”

Satisfyer was one of the key attractions at last month’s ETO Show (pictured), where it exhibited in the UK for the first time and also sponsored the event. For more information on Satisfyer and its products visit