Home Product News ‘Phenomenal’ response to latest Mystim launches

‘Phenomenal’ response to latest Mystim launches

‘Phenomenal’ response to latest Mystim launches

Mystim has launched two new products, the E-Stim Masturbator Opus E and MasturbaTIN, which were introduced to the trade via Mystim’s presence at January’s US trade shows.

“We have hit the bullseye with our two new creations, said Mystim founder and CEO Christoph Hofmann. “The interest of our visitors was overwhelming. The response to the material and the features of our recently produced toys was phenomenal.”

The Opus E adds e-stim functionality to a traditional masturbation device and is available in three varieties: vaginal, anal, and donut-shaped. “It has a realistic internal structure and it is remote controllable from the Sultry Sub Black Edition onwards, and can be operated wirelessly,” said Hofmann.

The MasturbaTIN is a single-use masturbation can which is also available in three varieties: Swirl Girl, Dotty Dora, and Ribbed Rita – the names referencing the internal textures of the sleeves. There are also differently packaged versions aimed at gay men, with slightly different names: Curly Curtis, Dotty Donny, and Ribbed Ricky.

“The material is very supple and feels super-soft,” said Mystim sales manager Lulu Schwartzer. “And this is without the addition of artificial softeners. [These products are] a great, reasonably priced takeaway item that is body-safe and hygienic at the same time. Also a funny ideas as a gift.”

For more information visit www.mystim.com