Home Industry News Orion inks exclusive distribution deal for ‘revolutionary’ new Handy masturbator

Orion inks exclusive distribution deal for ‘revolutionary’ new Handy masturbator

Orion inks exclusive distribution deal for ‘revolutionary’ new Handy masturbator

Orion Wholesale has entered into an exclusive collaboration with SweetTech AS from Norway to bring the high-tech Handy male masturbator to market.

Orion says that Handy could revolutionise the male masturbation sector: “The Handy is the perfect sex toy for technology-loving men who are searching for new innovations,” said Orion. “Apart from its powerful and efficient brushless motor, the dotted sleeve can be attached to the outside of the device with a TrueGrip band. The comfortable band can be fastened so that the sleeve can be adjusted to fit every penis size. Furthermore, The Handy can be connected to the internet via an encrypted Wi-Fi connection and can then be synchronised to any video on the www.handyfeeling.com platform. The specially developed zero-latency technology ensures that the masturbator’s strokes match the movements in the video. The Handy can also be connected to VR headsets to enhance the effect even more and can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world with any device that has a web browser (also encrypted) – whether it’s a smartphone, PC, Mac, or smart TV.”

The Handy was developed by Norwegians Alexander Arish Bjørkmann and Jens Petter Wilhelmsen, founders of SweetTech AS. Word spread about The Handy among trendsetters and influencers in Norway and the USA during the machine’s test run, and SweetTech AS received an “overwhelming” response to the device: “We hadn’t expected such a rapid development,” explained Wilhelmsen. “We feel validated in what we are doing and are looking forward to developing the product further.”

SweetTech AS has now teamed up with Orion Wholesale, which will be its exclusive sales partner.

During an internal product training event Bjørkmann and Wilhelmsen explained and discussed all the details of this technically complex masturbator with Orion’s sales team, marketing team and customer service team – all of which believe The Handy has great potential, according to Orion.

For more information about The Handy email [email protected] or visit www.orion-wholesale.com

[Pictured: SweetTech AS founders Jens Petter Wilhelmsen and Alexander Bjørkmann together with Sven Jacobsen, Hans-Jürgen Bähr, Björn Radcke and Timo Petersen from Orion. The photo was taken in spring, before the pandemic, hence the lack of social distancing.]