Kheper drinks to success

Posted: February 25, 2019

Kheper has added three new cups to its barware collection. Two are skull cups, one with a black matte finish and the other with an iridescent ‘oil slick’, and the third is a larger (and electroplated) version of its cactus cup.

The products were showcased at the January US trade shows, and were a big success, according to Kheper CEO Brian Pellham: “Our cups continue to not only be party accessories but also fashion accessories,” he said. “Our newer styles of cups, such as our Disco Ball and Pineapple Disco Cups continue to be our most hyped about products on Instagram and Twitter. More and more we are finding them featured in mainstream movies, such as the Adam Sandler film The Week Of, and bloggers and marketing firms also feature them at events, such as an Aspire event that handed out Watermelon and Pineapple Cup drinks at a Ground Zero fundraiser.”

The full range of Kheper’s barware can be seen at