Feeling a little Dicky today?

Posted: May 2, 2019

Creative Conceptions has announced the launch of Dicky Squishy from Kheper Games, a slow-rising 5.5” tall squishy toy for adults. Creative believes the banana-scented Dicky will find a ready market as a stress reliever or novelty gift.

“Kheper games are bang on trend with Dicky Squishy,” said a Creative Conceptions representative. “With all of the elements of the squishy, scented, stress toys that we see everywhere at the moment, Squishy Dicky is here to fill the adult shaped whole in the squishy trend.

“The packaging has also been well researched for brick and mortar retailers. The durable and reinforced polybag and header card allows customers to squeeze and feel the Dicky Squishy in-store without damaging any part of the product.”

Dicky Squishy has a suggested retail price of £7.99.

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