Blush strokes: Net 1on1 adds US brand behind biodegradable vibe to catalogue

Posted: May 24, 2018

Net 1on1 has announced that it is expanding its catalogue by taking on a wide range of toys from US brand Blush Novelties, including silicone anal toys, phallic vibrators, clear male masturbators, and a variety of vibrating cock rings.

“Blush Novelties has such a strong selection of toys available that going through their catalogue was like going through a candy store,” said Net 1on1’s sales manager, Sebastian Gonzalez. “We are always on the lookout to add more variety to our range as we want to make sure that our customers can offer a wide selection to their consumers whether they are selling in a store or online. Blush Novelties is great because they offer true affordability without compromising on quality. They cite innovation, creativity and consumer feedback as their driving force, and what could be better proof for this than Blush’s biodegradable vibrator, Gaia [pictured]. This is a responsible and conscientious company that cares about the health and wellbeing of the planet as well as their individual customers.”

Gonzalez added: “To be honest, there are a number of items on our coming soon list from the American manufacturer that we’ve never quite seen before: the Naturally Yours clear dildos are truly crystal clear, it’s like looking through glass, while the Naughty Candy Heart plugs put a unique twist on ornamented anal toys – they resemble the familiar Valentine’s candy hearts with a different erotic message on each colour. With roughly two dozen new toys launched in the next couple of weeks, we believe that adding Blush Novelties to our repertoire will give our customers an edge in this extremely competitive climate in the industry. These are high quality toys from a manufacturer who’s been around for a long time, so has the experience, but who is also at the top of its game right now, so can really bring variety to the table. America gave us the biggest players in the adult industry, like Doc Johnson and Pipedream, we think that it’s time the UK market learns the name of Blush Novelties too.”

Net 1on1:

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