Swing time for Orion

Posted: May 24, 2018

Orion Wholesale has added a sex swing to its You2Toys range. Made from 100% polyester and metal, and it supports up to 100 kg. Orion says the product is supplied in high-quality packaging (without mounting accessories) which includes suggestions for positions. An instruction manual in German and English is also included.

“This sex swing will really spice up a couple’s love life,” said Orion. “The laws of gravity can be defied and a couple can try out exciting positions without compromising on comfort. The new sex swing from You2Toys makes the passionate sex positions possible that most couples wouldn’t even dream about. One person just has to sit on the comfortable seat with the backrest, then put their hands and feet, depending on the position, into the tear-proof nylon loops and the other person can then start pleasuring them – it’ll feel out of this world!”

Orion Wholesale:

[E] wholesale@orion.de

[W] www.orion-wholesale.com