Bathmate warning to counterfeiters: ‘We will close you down’

Posted: August 29, 2018

Bathmate has announced that Chinese authorities have brought a successful action against a supplier of counterfeit pumps which carried the company’s branding. The action was brought by the AIC (Administration for Industry and Commerce) against Li Chunwei, the legal representative of Dongguan Perfect Lover Co, and it revealed that counterfeit products had been purchased from third parties and sold on at a profit.

Tim Brown, Bathmate brand manager, said that since the company could not provide the sources of the products, the AIC held that it constituted trademark infringement against No.10221454, the Bathmate trademark.  A “substantial” fine was imposed on the offender and a quantity of products [example pictured], packaging, and instruction manuals were confiscated and destroyed. The firm was also ordered to cease its trademark infringement activities.

“We are delighted with the outcome of this action,” said Brown, who said that Bathmate will spend in excess of £100,000 defending its IP this year. “We would warn any would-be counterfeiters we are after you. We will close you down.”

For more information on Bathmate’s actions against counterfeiters, including a link for reporting suspected suppliers, visit