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A for Alpha, B for Boost: Net 1on1 takes on new Zuyosa pills

A for Alpha, B for Boost: Net 1on1 takes on new Zuyosa pills

Net 1on1 Wholesale has announced it is expanding its exclusive offering of Zuyosa male sexual health pills with the brand’s newest creation, Alpha Boost. The brand name of Zuyosa is derived from a Japanese term for strength, Tsuyosa, and the makers of this male health supplement claim that Zuyosa is not a cure for a problem but a lifestyle choice of enhanced performance, vigour and confidence.

Net 1on1 states that the pill is made in Britain and formulated exclusively from MHRA-approved ingredients. It is also said to be suitable for vegetarians.

“We have had such success with Zuyosa,” said Net 1on1 sales manager Sebastian Gonzalez. “It became one of our bestselling products in the last couple of years and it seems to sell well for our customers across a variety of platforms. Consumers do a lot of research online before committing to a purchase these days, so Zuyosa, with its all-natural ingredients, is really popular. Every single component is in there to promote health, increase energy, enhance performance and improve sex drive, so it is really a great choice for modern men who will have googled each ingredient separately and found them all to be beneficial to their overall health, not just their sex lives.”

Alpha Boost, Zuyosa’s latest release, is said to follow the same principal when it comes to its formula but adds two trademarked ingredients – Testofen and Tribul40 – which Net 1on1 says contribute to normal testosterone levels and may help to increase sexual desire. Supplied in a 60-capsule bottle, according to Net 1on1 Alpha Boost works best if two pills are taken twice a day as this will allow the various extracts and supplements to naturally increase testosterone over time.

“We were extremely excited to hear that Zuyosa was working on some new products, Alpha Boost being the first in a line of new releases in the coming months,” added Gonzalez. “Since these new, libido-enhancing pills are made entirely of MHRA-approved ingredients, just like the original Zuyosa pills, we know that they will do exactly what they are supposed to and will not disappoint. We have already received some fantastic feedback, so we are sure that the Alpha Boost will continue to gain traction and get repeat sales for our customers. I’ve no doubt that consumers will make this stylish and effective Zuyosa product their preferred choice of testosterone booster – why would you take anything else when this has everything your body needs and more?”

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