Tonga adds four feature-packed new Vibes of Love to Dream Toys collection

Posted: August 30, 2019

Tonga has added four new Vibes of Love to its Dream Toys collection: the Heating Thruster, the Bendable Heating Brush Bunny, the Bendable Heating Snail Trail, and the Happy Egg. All are USB rechargeable and available in pink and they also boast additional features in addition to vibration.

The Heating Thruster has motors in the shaft, tip, and clitoral stimulator, offering seven different patterns of vibration. The clitoral stimulator also features three flaps, which Tonga says simulate the sensation of tongue licking, while the shaft can make rotating and thrusting movements. As its name suggests, the vibe also has a heating function: users can warm the toy up to body temperature for a more realistic experience.

The Bendable Heating Brush Bunny also has three motors which offer seven patterns of vibration and a heating function plus its clitoral stimulator has two flexible rabbit ears. The top has a soft brush-like structure for extra stimulation. The Bendable Heating Brush Bunny can also be bent into the user’s desired position.

The Bendable Heating Snail Trail shares many of its features with its sibling products, including the bendable and heating functions, but its USP is its clitoral stimulator, which has five flaps. Tonga says women who enjoy oral sex or have a sensitive clitoris will particularly appreciate this function.

Finally, the Happy Egg is a more compact design that features a tongue for spot-on clitoral or nipple stimulation. Its small size ensures it will fit into a pocket or handbag. All four new Vibes of Love are waterproof and made from body-safe silicone. The vibrators’ functions are controlled by three buttons at the base while the Happy Egg uses just a single button. All feature USB charging and are supplied with a cable that clicks to two magnetic contact points on the toy.

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