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Sexy Living brings Oxlube to Canada

Canadian distributor Sexy Living offers its customers a selection of Oxballs and hünkyjunk product and it is now carrying Oxlube too, including 8.5 fl oz/250ml, 4.4 fl oz/130 ml and .4 fl oz/4 ml singlets.

“Oxlube lube formulas are just as amazing as Oxballs toys—each type has the exact qualities our customers want when they slick up…lube for hard play, lube for toys,” said an Oxballs spokesperson. “We made lube that has the feel, the cling, the flow our Oxballers crave–and all our Oxlube formulas are compatible with all Oxballs toys, no matter the material: that’s right: even Oxlube Pure Silicone formula is safe to use with all Oxballs platinum silicone toys.”

The Sexy Living Oxballs collection can be seen here.