Home Industry News Preparing to reopen? Here are some top tips from Lovehoney B2B

Preparing to reopen? Here are some top tips from Lovehoney B2B

Preparing to reopen? Here are some top tips from Lovehoney B2B

As the UK and much of Europe approaches the end of government-mandated closings of non-essential shops and businesses, retailers are gearing up to reopen and Lovehoney B2B has shared a number of tips for transitioning back into bricks-and-mortar.

Lovehoney sales executive Jade Bawa suggests doing the following when planning to re-open your business, to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Consider maintaining E-commerce momentum: As we approach the end of lockdown, everyone will have different feelings on how comfortable they feel returning to a physical shopping experience. Virtual shopping and social media is on the steep incline, stay one step ahead of the game by continuing to nurture your online channels.
  • Communicate with customers: Many will be keen to get back into shops, embracing the novelty after such a long period of closures. Once you have a reopening date in place – get the word out! Use posters at the front of your store or conduct an email marketing campaign shouting about the opening date to encourage your valued customers to come in on the day. Also, utilise social channels to get the message out to customers that you’re back!
  • Offer an incentive for customers to go in store: Once you’ve informed customers on re-opening, consider hitting them with an in-store offer code to entice shoppers further. They will appreciate it if you do!
  • Outside of the store: Prior to opening, ensure window displays are fully up to date to evoke a sense of excitement as walkers pass by. Lovehoney B2B has recently collaborated with UK based adult store Harmony on its Fifty Shades of Grey 10 year anniversary window displays, as they lay the groundwork for re-opening. Dramatic lighting, sensual product displays and branded POS have all been used innovatively to offer a snapshot into the shopping experience people can expect.
  • Brush up on POS: Now is the perfect time to ensure you’re using POS effectively, and highlight any information that may boost sales, such as new promotions or product ranges. POS shouldn’t just be about the branding around your product’s main stand in-store, think of other places you could boost brand awareness to increase sales. For example, a small countertop display by the till, highlighting smaller products with a lower price point could encourage impulse buys.

Lovehoney supplies ready-made, flat packed POS packs free of charge to all its distributors to pass onto customers. The packs come in a range of styles and formats to appeal to a global audience. For more information email [email protected] or visit https://www.lovehoneytrade.com