German retailer Amorelie moves into B2B distribution

Posted: July 2, 2019

German retailer Amorelie has announced a move into B2B distribution and has created a 57-page catalogue to promote its own-brand ranges. The catalogue features products from Amorelie brands such as Vou, Boho, Svara, Cupe, and Miss V plus a selection of curated gift boxes.

Amorelie’s senior manager B2B distributor sales Mira Waidelich commented: “As we encourage people to have happy, fulfilled and sensual relationships, we work to expand our international presence. Our 2019 catalogue encompasses all that represents Amorelie. We are proud to present our own portfolio and look forward to engaging the global adult community.”

In addition to the catalogue, Amorelie is offering retailers POS and marketing materials plus in-store visits and staff training.

Amorelie began life in Berlin six years ago and it has grown into one of Europe’s leading online retailers, becoming a household name in Germany through the use of daytime television commercials that promoted a playful approach to sex and sensuality in relationships.

For more information contact or view and download the 2019 Amorelie B2B catalogue and register your interest by visiting