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Dave Lampert, founder and creator of Sybian, passes away

Dave Lampert, founder and creator of Sybian, passes away

Dave Lampert, founder of the world-famous sex-machine Sybian, has passed away at the age of 90. He first had the idea for a ride-on sex machine in 1979 and Sybian production began in 1987. He was dedicated to both women’s and men’s sexual health, and in 1998 he added the Venus for Men male sex machine to his product line. Dave always took great pride in the fact that Sybian and Venus for Men were, and still are, made in the USA and shipped worldwide.

Marabelle Blue of @KinkEMagazine said: “In 2010, I was honoured to interview Dave Lampert. I was humbled that he took the time out for someone like me, who was new to podcasting and breaking ground when it came to the adult world in kink and interviews. The night that I interviewed Dave, he was supposed to be on a plane to New York to be interviewed by the great Howard Stern the next day. I loved Dave. He had a passion for Sybian, his creation, and as a writer and producer, I understood and respected the drive he had for the success of his empire. Dave loved every aspect of the products he made and designed. I know his legacy and empire will live on.”

Today, Sybian and Venus for Men are globally recognised brands, and Dave’s ideas have grown into a successful family-run business. Dave’s greatest joy in life was his family. Being able to work side-by-side with them doing something they all love brought him great joy for many years. Dave remained involved in the daily business of his company until his health no longer permitted it and in 2016 he was recognised for his life’s works and contribution to the sexual health industry, receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Adult Video Network.

Laurie Handlers of www.LaurieHandlers.com commented: “We lost an icon in our industry, Dave Lampert. I want to celebrate his life. Dave is best known for his contribution to the field of sensuality/sexuality for his invention of the Sybian. In my talks with Dave, I found out about the man dedicated to women’s orgasms. Dave felt that women had so much more in them than most ever would experience with their partners. He wanted to give them a chance to experience multiple orgasms by riding his machine. He wanted them to be free to experience as many as they wanted. He also wanted them to be in control.”

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