Young Harlots get protection

Posted: April 8, 2008

British publisher Harmony Films has incorporated Perpetual Action Group’s innovative PAG-View content protection system into its latest R18 title, Young Harlots In Detention.

PAG-View allows DVD publishers to add content to their discs which require a unique unlock code for each viewing, effectively giving them an additional pay-per-view revenue stream from each DVD “in perpetuity”.

When consumers reach the protected content they are given an on-screen code which they can activate by making a telephone call or sending a text. In the case of the UK and European versions of Young Harlots In Detention, this is an extra hardcore scene which can be accessed at a cost of £3 per viewing.

“PAG-View allows our end users who want to view the additional scene the opportunity to do so for a small fee,” commented Jason Maskell, Sales and Marketing Manager for Harmony Films. “The fact that it takes a code to unlock the bonus scene makes it less likely that it will be illegally distributed. We are very excited about PAG-View and its potential.”