XTrader offers ‘next generation’ sex toys

Posted: September 25, 2014

XTrader/www.dropshipping.co.uk has announced that it is now offering the Rends brand, which it is calling the ‘next generation’ of sex toys. Made in Japan, the company says that Rends addresses the ‘technology for men’ market by adopting a new approach; a single controller which operates a number of microprocessor-based attachment toys, each programmed with 50 variations plus a powerful OHH-MYY button. And the R-1 series for females features a high-powered bullet and predator wand vibrator as well as a clitoral stimulator.

Deon de Kock, head of Rends trade marketing, said: “We are delighted to partner with XTrader, Europe’s leading dropship company. Their vast customer base will ensure that Rends reaches the end consumer through multiple channels giving us the most exposure possible.”

XTrader head buyer Claire Bowden added: “We are very pleased with the phenomenal response already from the Rends toys. People just love the products and we anticipate a loyal following, a community trust that everything with the Rends brand is something special and worth buying.”

Xtrader added that while the Rends brand is priced a little higher than its competitors so too is its quality – and some of the products have been in R&D for five years. “We wish to establish Rends as a known and trusted premium brand,” the company said. “The universal truth applies – you always get what you pay for. We trust the entire UK sex toy community will fall in love with Rends, as we all have.”

For more information visit www.dropshipping.co.uk or call Xtrader on 01462 454012.