XR Brands now shipping ‘Vibrassage’ Clitoral Stimulators

Posted: August 23, 2019

XR Brands has announced it is now shipping Vibrassage, the latest two additions to the Inmi collection. The Vibrassage Caress Vibrating Clit Teaser is a palm-held toy featuring three finger-like extensions – one vibrates while two rotate and gyrate – while the Vibrassage Fondle Vibrating Clit Massager targets the clitoris with vibration and massage in a larger handheld shape and with three sensual ticklers.

“Inmi offers products that not only provide intense pleasure but also reflect a luxurious sensual style,” said XR Brands president Rebecca Weinberg. “Vibrassage massagers are made to stand out on store shelves and offer an alternative form of clitoral stimulation that isn’t simply direct vibration. As with all Inmi products, Caress and Fondle are made for consumers who want something well made, luxurious, and intimately special, and we expect these to be big sellers.”

Vibrassage Caress and Fondle are available in light pink premium silicone with metallic rose gold-like ABS plastic. Both products are USB rechargeable, fully submersible, and covered by a five-year warranty. For more information email info@xrbrands.com