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Wouldn’t it be Loverlay?

Loverlays Furniture Pty is Australia’s first intimate adult furniture specialist, and it is actively seeking distributors in the UK and Europe for its range of innovative products.

The company was formed by a husband and wife team who had the idea for the business after seeing a newspaper survey on the sex lives of Japanese couples.

“What caught my attention is that they considered sex ‘too much trouble’ (mendokusai) – as you had to change the sheets afterwards,” said Loverlays Director and Founder Gavin Bernstein. “This lead to us developing Loverlays Overlays – essentially water-resistant blankets that will provide protected sex for your sheets.”

After launching the Overlays, the company founders began researching what other products were available to make sex more interesting. “What we found was that most products were pretty harsh,” said Bernstein. “There were swings and contraptions that essentially weren’t natural and required special hooks and even a dedicated room. Some products, we considered, would be out of place in an average suburban home. Well, our home at least!”

This led to the couple designing the Tantra Lounge, an Ottoman with a secret. When not in use it appears to be an everyday functional bench, but removing the S-shaped curved section from the base allows couples to experience a totally different way of love making.

Gavin explained: “A bed actually gets in the way of love making. You also need a fair bit of flexibility for some positions. What the Tantra Lounge does is provide a supported base that essentially allows you and your partner to remain relatively upright while maintaining contact with the floor. The result is much more freedom of movement and a much better experience. Imaginative foreplay and positions of the Tantra become intuitive – simply put, you may never make love on a bed again.”

Each Tantra Lounge is hand-made around a sturdy frame using a combination of high density plywood and hardwood. The company uses the best Endura grade furniture foam – guaranteed for 10 years – which is then covered with a double-stitched commercial grade leatherette hide. A neck pillow is also supplied with the product, which is available in three colours – chocolate, tan or black.

The products’ prices, in Australian dollars, are $99 for the Overlays and $899 for the Tantra Lounge, and a demonstration video of the Lounge can be seen online at www.loverlays.com.au

UK and European distributors interested in stocking the products should email Gavin Bernstein via [email protected]