‘World’s most advanced Sex-AI Robot’ to star at SxTech Conference on July 1st

Posted: June 13, 2019

Harmony, described as ‘the world’s most advanced Sex-AI Robot’, will be one of the stars of the first SxTech Conference in Berlin, Germany, on July 1st 2019. During the ‘Interviews with Robots’ 30 minute panel presentation (part of the SxTech Conference Program), journalists will be invited to engage with Harmony, and the AI and content director, Guile Lindroth, from the robotics development company Realbotix that brought her to life.

Where Abramovic left off, the social experiment continues off-stage, and general visitors will also have a chance to sit across from Harmony in a private one-on-one chat, one-minute, open to the imagination.

With Realbotix’ goal of integrating robotic components and AI into high end silicone ‘companions’, ‘Harmony AI’ is said to be the first robot of its kind, capable of supporting a multitude of personalities in the same hardware. With an interchangeable modular head and full sensory body, the AI SexBot contains five technological patents.

Supporting Harmony in her Berlin appearance is SxTech speaker, SxTech hackathon judge and Realbotix AI director Guile Lindroth. He is also the founder of NextOS.ai, the company which arguably started it all with the first-ever digital assistant: “Virtual Assistant Denise”. As Realbotix’ computer system analyst, AI and graphics specialist, he is the programmer behind Harmony’s robot dialogues, content, and narratives; creating personality and empathy for the proprietary AI framework.
The SxTech Conference program is the first of its kind, supporting the technological and business aspects of the sex and fem-tech industry through innovative engagement and a roster of industry innovators and leaders as speakers.

SxTech 2019 panellists include Emma Sayle (founder/Killing Kittens, Safedate, SISTR & The Sisterhood), Pia Poppenreiter (CEO/ Ohlala), Ida Tin (founder and CEO/ Clue), Dominnique Karetsos (co-founder/ Healthy Pleasure Collective, Lina Wenner (principal/ firstminute capital), Maria Fernanda Peraza Godoy (co-founder/ Healthy Pleasure Collective), Dinorah Hernandez (head director/ BaDoinkVR Network), Luka Matutinović (global marketing director/ LELO), Virginia Cerrone (co-founder & CMO/ pureeros), Michelle Shnaidman (co-founder and CEO/ Bellesa), Madeleine Shaw (co-founder/ Lunapads), and more.

The one-day event begins at 9.00 AM on the 1st of July, 2019, at The Drivery, in Berlin.

Attendees are welcome to the speaker presentations, roundtable discussions, workshops, and the development of an all-day Hackathon, involving over 45 people. The winners of the Hackathon will be announced at the culmination of the event at 18:00.

For more details and ticket prices see the full SxTech 2019 Berlin Speaker Roster and Program Schedule.