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World’s first ‘green’ sex toy

A revolutionary new vibrator is about to hit the market – and it needs neither replacement batteries nor mains electrical power. Earth Angel, created by Chris O’Conner from Irish company Caden Enterprises, uses patented technology to power the toy, which is made from recyclable parts and comes in 100% recyclable packaging.

“Our mission is to reduce the amount of waste batteries that make their way to landfills around the world whilst also making toys that cost the consumer less to purchase and maintain,” said a spokesperson for Caden Enterprises.

A statement on the company’s website explained: “Over the last few years there have been attempts made to produce a 100% environmentally friendly sex toy but none have so far lived up to expectations. ‘Green’ sex toy manufacturers are focusing more on the materials used in their toys than the operation of the toys. There have been some offerings of solar powered and moon powered toys but these are not without their disadvantages. Earth Angel has all the benefits and none of the disadvantages. Unlike traditional ‘green’ toys it will never require replacement batteries as it houses its own patented power core.”

Earth Angel is charged by turning a handle in its base. Four minutes turning will create enough energy to half fill the battery pack and provide up to 30 minutes of usage. Eight minutes of turning will amass enough power to fill the toy completely and provide an hour’s use. Unused power is stored for future use, with indicator lights showing how much is available. It can also be charged via a 5v USB connection.

It has three operating buttons – power on, power up and power down – which allow the vibrations to be set from gentle to intense and in keeping with the concept behind the product, the 8” Earth Angel will be available in only one colour, white, though in due course it will be joined by five other models in the range.

The retail price of Earth Angel is expected to be around 70 euros, and the exclusive UK distributor for the product will be Queensway Distribution.

Contact Queensway Distribution on 0121 212 1676 or visit www.theearthangel.ie for more information on the product.