World’s first biodegradable vibe now available from Net 1on1

Posted: June 7, 2018

Net 1on1 has announced that it is adding the world’s first biodegradable vibrator to its catalogue: Gaia from Blush Novelties. The traditionally shaped vibrator is made out of non-porous, body-safe bioplastic and Net 1on1 says it will satisfy all environmentally conscious consumers, as it takes away the guilt of ecological damage usually caused to the environment by other plastic waste. BioFeel, the polymer compound mixed with cornstarch, is said to biodegrade within 47-90 days in a commercial composting facility, providing an eco-friendly option to consumers and a talking point for sales staff on shop floors.

“Climate change is becoming a bigger issue with every year worldwide – we can’t even yet fully grasp the effects it will have on our planet and humanity at large, so we, at Net 1on1, feel that if there’s any little change, any little gesture that we can make that can help us move towards more sustainability, we have a responsibility to do it,” said Sebastian Gonzalez, Net 1on1’s sales manager.

“The Gaia is a traditional lady finger type of vibrator that is excellent for both external and internal stimulation,” he continued, “as it provides powerful, rumbly vibrations. By making the product affordable, stylish, and straightforward, the Gaia can help introduce new consumers to sex toys as well as raise awareness that biodegradable products are viable, safe and economical too. And the benefits of the BioFeel don’t stop here either. Less energy is needed and therefore fewer greenhouse gases are produced when making this type of bioplastic, making the Gaia truly groundbreaking – it spares the environment during its entire lifespan, from production to discard.

“We are painfully aware of the changes that need to happen in our society to make things better on Earth for future generations so we wholeheartedly embrace initiatives like Blush Novelties’ – they ran an extremely successful Earth Day promotion last year with the Gaia, where they’ve planted a tree for every online and brick-and-mortar store that carried the eco-vibrator. This is a company that leads the fight in the adult industry towards a more sustainable future so we are proud to be able to offer not just the Gaia but a whole range of their products starting this month.”

Net 1on1:

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