Women want their sauce straight from the chef

Posted: March 13, 2014

After we learned last month that the sexiest men drive Jaguars, this month the same source has informed us of the male professions that women find most attractive. The conclusions come from a new study conducted by the UK’s leading married dating site, IllicitEncounters.com, which asked over 2,000 of its female members what they thought the sexiest profession was for a prospective partner, and why.

Chefs – such as Jamie Oliver [pictured above on his breakthrough cookery book The Naked Chef back in 1999], Gordon Ramsey and Paul Hollywood – steamed to the top of the poll with 27% of the votes. Making up the rest of the top five sexiest professions were: Doctor (23%), Lawyer (15%), Firefighter (12%) and Farmer (6%). According to the study, the least attractive profession was being a Member of Parliament – which is hardly surprising given how frequently our elected representatives are caught with their pants down – as women viewed them as boring, over-confident, and self-absorbed.

IllicitEncounters.com spokesperson Rosie Freeman-Jones commented: “I think the media has played a massive part in what women see as attractive qualities in men – they look for passion, creativity, ambition and drive. Women like men who can spoil them in the kitchen and make them feel special, they also want men who are caring. Unfortunately where the media may have helped lift the profile of Chefs to women, it has had the opposite effect for MPs – even Boris Johnson couldn’t save them from being last after previously being voted the sexist politician by Illicit Encounters members.”