Womanizer tackles human rights

Posted: December 15, 2017

German-founded pleasure products brand Womanizer has opened its first pop-up store in Berlin. The store was open from 1st December for 2 full days in the Seven Star Gallery at 7 Gormannstrasse, allowing the women of Berlin the opportunity to not only buy, but also try the Pleasure Air® technology for themselves.

The store is part of Womanizer’s new mission ‘Orgasm is a human right’, in an attempt to change the ‘orgasm gap’ statistic that a large scale study has revealed: 35% of all women rarely, or never achieve orgasm, compared to only 5% of men.

“Many women are unsure of how much benefit a sex toy will bring to their sex life,” said Johanna Rief, Womanizer company spokesperson, “We want to show these women otherwise; that’s why we are offering the chance to experience the quality and sensations in-store.”

The first 200 women to try the products were able to keep the product they used as an early Christmas gift. Womanizer now plans to open further DIY stores in Paris, New York, Barcelona and London.

For further information, please visit www.womanizer.com.