Womanizer claims to deliver ‘multiple orgasms without touching the clitoris’

Posted: January 21, 2015

Orion is claiming another world first this month, with the launch of The Womanizer. The firm says the new product is great looking, easy to use and capable of achieving what no other sex toy has managed to do before – deliver multiple orgasms without touching the clitoris. Instead, the orgasm is claimed to be triggered by the sucking of the clitoris and stimulation from delicate pulsating pressure waves.

The Womanizer comes in turquoise, magenta, pink and black – plus two limited editions, each covered in 1,200 single Swarovski crystals. The package includes two replacement heads and a USB-cable for charging. Additional silicone heads can be ordered separately in packs of five.

For further information contact Björn Radcke at Orion on 0049 461 5040 114, email bradcke@orion.de or visit www.womanizer-wholesale.com