Wild at Heart2Heart

Posted: November 4, 2016

PHS International has debuted its latest range; Hearts A’fire, a capsule collection of accessories from the Heart2Heart brand. Marketed toward those who enjoy the edgier side of romance, the crossover BDSM-inspired merchandise comprises cuffs, collars, pasties, paddles, restraints, nipple tassels and cock rings.

The sub-brand features leather and heart-themed designs, with either heart-shaped beading, leather inlay, or red and black detail.  “Our heart-themed gear has always been a top seller and as demand grew for these elegant romance-inspired designs, we realized it was time to give them their own brand,” PHS International General Manager Michael Merrill said. “Hearts A’fire gives customers easy access to already popular products that share a sweet sentiment. With space-saving display options available, we make it easy to introduce Hearts A’fire into stores of any size.”

Hearts A’fire comes merchandised with multiple options, including convenient endcap and plan-o-gram displays. For more information about PHS International, visit www.PHSWholesale.com