Home Industry News Where’s Balldo? On its way after hitting crowdfunding target

Where’s Balldo? On its way after hitting crowdfunding target

Where’s Balldo? On its way after hitting crowdfunding target

Nadgerz Inc, designers of the Balldo, have reported that its crowdfunding campaign was a massive success, achieving five times its expected crowdfunding goal.

“Moulds have been opened and we expect to have product in consumers hands in mid to late May’,” said Balldo founder Jerry Davies. “We have opted for a simple and 100% recyclable tri-fold clamshell packaging that can free stand or hang and clearly displays the product – which is critical for a product requiring a significant degree of education in order for the customer to understand what it is, how to put it on and how to use it.”

Davies added that since its January launch, Balldo – and Chuck, its talking cartoon balls mascot – have attained a huge cult following, featuring heavily on podcasts, morning shows and humour websites.

“Whilst it was never our intention to get a cult following, it’s clear the world is excited about the Balldo and ballsex one way or another,” he said. “It’s publicity, so when these are on the shelf, people will recognise the brand name which has to be good for us in the long run. The first units are making their way out to influencers and performers and we hope to have the first packaged units out to buyers in May. We have also opened our first adult site www.ballgasm.com where we detail how the Balldo should be worn and when the first ballsex/balldo clips start coming in we will link to them or potentially host them from here.”

The crowdfunding platform www.balldo.com is still open and is charging MSRP equivalent (when shipping cost is factored in). “This is so customers and party planners can still order direct and stores who want to order tester packs of three or 10 can still get a good deal to test the water before buying off a distributor when these channels come online,” said Davies. “Once we have finalised distributor pricing, we’ll be locking in those relationships. It’s exciting times for us, it’s just the first product in our suite of many in this field. We are stoked to think that we now have enough funds to start the big push of marketing and commence the next round of product design.”

For more information contact [email protected] or visit www.balldo.com