Where do you want your Shots?

Posted: April 30, 2009

The 2009 Shots Media Party will take place in the third week of July and this year the company is asking its customers to vote for where they would like it to be held.

There are three options: A large boat on the docks in the river “de Waal” on Tuesday evening, where there will be a big firework show; Wednesday noon, at the same location as last year, the old defending tower and restaurant Belvedere; the third location, on the Friday, is one kilometre from the finish line of the last of the traditional four day walking festival, which attracts more than 65,000 walkers every year. This location is called Via Gladiola by locals because flowers are presented to the walkers just before they finish.

You can vote for your choice by visiting www.shotsmediaparty.nl