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Whatever you Desire: ‘by-women-for-women’ collection from Swiss Navy now shipping

Whatever you Desire: ‘by-women-for-women’ collection from Swiss Navy now shipping

MD Science Lab has announced that it is now shipping its latest collection, Desire by Swiss Navy, which premiered in January at the virtual 2021 ANME Show.

“We are excited to get our Desire by Swiss Navy collection into the hands of our customers,” said Briana Watkins, MD Science Lab’s vice president of sales and marketing. “We can now provide our customers with this female-created collection which has a very upscale, classy appearance, offering a refreshing look in the lubricant space. This has been my pride and joy project and I am overwhelmed with the support it has received thus far.”

The Desire by Swiss Navy collection has been developed by women for women and it includes everyday essentials and solutions for fulfilling intimate desires with formulas created with the female body in mind: all products are said to be inspired by the science of desire and feature key ingredients and unique formulations to engage female consumers and their personal needs.

“Our research found that women control 85% of consumer spending in the US and over $36 trillion dollars globally,” said Watkins. “We wanted to strategically create a complete collection that accommodated this demographic shift. I’m very happy and proud to say, Desire by Swiss Navy offers what a female-driven economy is looking for.”

Swiss Navy says its in-depth research found women are more enthusiastic about the involvement in discussions about sexuality and do not hesitate in experimenting with sexual wellness products, particularly ones created to meet their specific needs. The company says its female-led development team kept this research in mind during the concept-to-creation process in order to ensure consumer sales.

Contact your Swiss Navy representative for more information or visit https://swissnavy.com

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