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‘What will all the older people say?’

Retail chain Nice ‘n’ Naughty has won a battle with Sandwell Council – despite the local newspaper whipping up hysteria with a Daily Mail-style ‘Anger over sex shop window display plan’ story – and it can now display lingerie in the window of its Wednesbury branch.

The saga began over three months ago when the retailer applied for an amendment to its licence to have an open window display. The Express & Star ran the ‘Anger…’ story which included comments from councillor Elaine Costigan, who said Wednesbury was not the right place for such a display. “What will all the older people say? This isn’t right at all, I’ll certainly be sending a letter of objection,” she told the paper. “People don’t want to walk through the High Street and see women’s underwear on display.”

On the morning of the hearing, the local radio station set up camp outside the store, interviewing shoppers and inviting them to comment on the situation.

Nice ‘n’ Naughty’s Trish Murray and Richard Allmark presented their plans to the 10 strong committee on Tuesday 18th June. Trish said: “After a 40 minute hearing we were finally granted permission to have a display. Richard did a fantastic job with the application and presentation and worked quickly to get a window display organised with store Manager Lee Hickman. An hour after we received the approval of the committee we managed to have a window display with a banner display stand and lingerie.”