What the Flux? New Loving Joy toys feature ‘customisable curvature’

Posted: July 25, 2019

Net 1on1 Wholesale has announced that it has added two new high-end toys to its in-house brand Loving Joy. Flex and Flux get their names from their flexible shafts that allow users to bend the toys to get a better anatomical fit or reach hard-to-target erogenous zones. Net 1on1 says the toys’ customisable curvature will be adaptable to a variety of anatomies and should help consumers in stimulating their G-spots.

“We’ve been very methodological in the last couple of years with our product selection as well as the Loving Joy image,” said Sebastian Gonzalez, Net1on1’s sales manager. “We’ve been looking at our entire catalogue and kept trying to find gaps – no matter how big or small – to determine what our customers would benefit from the most. Sometimes this approach resulted in us fishing around for a specific item for ages, but the outcome is always worth it. Adding a silicone rabbit vibrator to the Loving Joy range has long been our aim, and now we are finally ready to present the Flex and the Flex to the world.”

Made of silicone, the vibes are rechargeable, waterproof and feature 10 different speed and function settings. They will be available from mid-August.

“We’ve gone through so many samples before we found the Flex and the Flux so we are really pleased that we can unveil them finally,” said Gonzalez. “The flexibility of the shaft on both is pretty unique – we haven’t seen many rabbit or G-spot vibrators that allow for such customisation. We were also taken by the power of these toys, and the lovely texture added to the smooth silicone that will enhance internal sensations. I suspect that our customers will want to know if these lovely new releases will come with the usual generous Loving Joy pricing, and of course, they will. With the potential to make really decent margins, we expect that the Flex and the Flux will both outperform similar products on the market.”

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