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What a pair of spankers: Bound to Please collection gets two new additions

What a pair of spankers: Bound to Please collection gets two new additions

A paddle made of bamboo and a crop made of faux leather has been added to Net 1on1’s award-nominated Bound to Please range of vegan-friendly bondage gear. The distributor’s in-house brands have had a good 2018 so far, with multiple ETO Award nominations and outstanding reviews in Good Housekeeping, and Net 1on1 says sales are good too – so much so that they are currently outperforming better known brands in the UK.

The Bamboo Spanking Paddle has a large strike surface area so, combined with its short handle, it is expected to be primarily for advanced players, especially as the bamboo’s weight ‘adds considerable thud to any strike made with the tool’. The Bound to Please PU Leather Riding Crop is a more beginner-friendly product that will satisfy BDSM newcomers, according to Net 1on1, as its lightweight construction and wide tip delivers a milder sting.

“Spanking has been a huge growth area for us this year with all our impact toys doing incredibly well said Net 1on1’s sales manager, Sebastian Gonzalez. “Our luxurious Bound Noir paddle received rave reviews from bloggers while the silicone paddle released under the Bound to Please brand has by now became infamous for its unforgiving nature. The latter was also part of the collection nominated for an ETO Award this year, so we know our customers love it. Obviously, we don’t take the expansion of such a popular range lightly, but with the bamboo paddle it was really love at first sight… or shall I say, love at first strike? It’s an outstanding instrument that looks stylish and will be right up there with the silicone paddle in terms of severity.

“The two new additions to the Bound to Please range will offer our customers the same excellent margins that they came to expect from us by now, so they will be able to remain competitive against large online retailers. The bamboo paddle is also the first wooden item in our catalogue in a long time, so I think it also adds variety to our range and may attract consumers looking for more hardcore BDSM equipment. On the other hand, we have the new crop that is a great item for beginners, it’s flexible, and the wide tip distributes the sharp sting on a larger surface – the thwack sound produced will be music to BDSM-enthusiasts’ ears.”

The Bound to Please Bamboo Spanking Paddle and the Bound to Please Riding Crop will be available for retailers to purchase from mid-October.

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