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Wet gets Together

In celebration of the firm’s 20th anniversary, Wet has launched a new product for couples, called Wet Together.

Intended to enhance a couple’s intimacy, Wet Together for Him is a water-soluble lubricant that gently warms to the touch and builds sensation with motion. Wet Together for Her is a soothingly cool, long lasting silicone-based lubricant.

Jennifer Martsolf, Vice President of Marketing at Wet explained: “Silicone is not water-soluble so when the two formulas meet, skin-on-skin, the glide over each giving an amazingly slick sensation.”

She added that when used individually, his warms and hers cools, but when they come together, couples will experience an amazing tingling sensation. Both unique Wet Together formulas provide long lasting, silky smooth lubrication, and may be used separately or together.

“We are celebrating a successful 20 years by unveiling this new product at a very competitive price point,” commented Trigg Laboratories founder, Michael Trygstad.