Wet For Her features in December Cosmopolitan

Posted: November 21, 2016

Wet For Her’s Sex Toy Two finger extender product was mentioned in the December issue of Cosmopolitan in the US. Sexologist Dr Sadie Allison mentioned the company’s flagship product as a ‘handy’ solution to having sex with women while having longer nails.

“I love my long nails,” asked a reader. “But they sometimes get in the way during sex. Help!”

Dr Sadie responded with: “If you’re with a girl, try the Wet For Her finger extender. The toy slips over your pointer and middle fingers, keeping your mani fresh and lady parts safe.”

“I am so thrilled to have our Sex Toy Two mentioned in Cosmo!” said Wet For Her owner and founder Alice Derock. “Our luxury pleasure products are specifically designed and manufactured for the lesbian community, or any playtime between girls. We look forward to continuing to celebrate and support the sexuality of women, and are so happy to have Dr Sadie mention us as a fantastic solution for femmes everywhere!”

For more information on Wet For Her visit www.wetforher.com