Web Watch: celebritydildo.com

Posted: March 3, 2016

Finding a way of getting a generic product to stand out in a crowded arena has exercised the finest marketing minds for decades but there really is nothing to beat the old faithfuls – sex, celebrities, and scandals. It might be a sad indictment of our society but mixing together any two of this particular holy trinity is a proven shortcut to getting people’s attention. Which brings us neatly to CelebrityDildo.com

The Australian company offers a silicone dildo which appears to have been inspired by former Manchester United dead-ball specialist David Beckham. The sculpted design even has spherical objects at its base which resemble footballs. Coincidence? Clearly not, especially when it’s called The Buckham, and it’s available in four different colours, including gold.

The company states that its products “combine the two worlds of novelty and function” and they are the result of “truly innovative design and some exciting manufacturing breakthroughs”. The range also includes Leboned, based on basketball player LeBron James, and the Kock, which resembles Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

We respectfully doff our cap to Celebrity Dildo, which has carved out a point of difference for its products and can thus charge a premium price for them (the Buckham Gold was on sale at $79.96 during our visit to its site – around £40).

The site itself is a model in minimalism. Huge cartoon graphics with three options: shop, contact us, and cart. There is a slight delay in navigating between the screens, perhaps caused by the large images, but conducting a transaction proved to be pleasingly simple, with payment options being either credit card or PayPal.