We-Vibe towers in stock at ABS

Posted: March 4, 2015

ABS Holdings has announced that it is now offering retailers We-Vibe in-store display towers. Designed specifically for the We-Vibe range, the towers allow stores to display a number of different models for customers to test. Each tower comes with five shelves and four demo models, including two examples of the We­Vibe 4 family plus the Tango and Touch vibes. The fifth shelf has been deliberately left empty so retailers can choose which We-Vibe product they wish to showcase.

ABS Holdings said: “Different retailers around the world stock different We-Vibe products, and this extra shelf gives you the opportunity to show off the products that best represent your customer base. We-Vibe towers come with display cards and five language versions are included. The towers are designed for convenience and ease of use and the door to the back of the display allows you to charge your demos without removing them from the stand.”

The towers come complete with 12 units of each model that is showcased.

“We-Vibe towers offer an eye-catching display for your merchandise and give your favourite We-Vibe products pride of place in your store,” said ABS. “They’re beautifully lit and enhance the aesthetic beauty and functionality of your We-Vibe range, resulting in more customer engagement, enhanced sales and added brand impact.”

For more details contact the ABS sales team on 01202 868511 or email sales@absholdings.com