Water works: new cleansing systems from CalExotics

Posted: September 28, 2016

The latest batch of releases from CalExotics focuses on cleanliness in the bedroom. The four new additions to Calexotics’ collection of water systems offers users the opportunity to clean up before they get down and dirty and, adding to the sense of freshness, the entire range (of 12 items) has also been given a makeover and now presents a unified look in-store.

Susan Colvin, founder, and CEO of CalExotics said: “Our water systems have always been at the top of our sales charts, due to their sturdy construction, high-quality materials, and consumer-friendly price points. To expand on this success we created a full-featured collection of water systems that cater to this niche market.”

The four new styles feature upgraded materials and functionality. The Anal Explorer Kit contains an anal douche and two silicone products, the Advanced Anal Explore Kit offers the same features with a single probe and added vibration, and those looking for deep cleaning will be interested in the Ultimate Cleansing System and Big Man Cleanser. The former is made of 100% silicone and can hold up to 9.5 Fl. oz. or 280ml, while the latter features a spiralled probe for added stimulation and can hold up to 14 Fl. oz. or 420ml.

Jackie White, executive vice president of CalExotics, said: “These water systems are designed to completely transform the category, offering a variety of styles with one cohesive look. This cohesiveness will draw in customers, and provide the recognition needed for repeat sales.”

Retail tools, including displays, signage, product videos, images, detailed product information and more, are available to support the products. Visit CalExotics.com or contact your CalExotics representative for more details.