Warren piece? Randy rabbits unearthed at Scala

Posted: March 1, 2016

Scala Playhouse has added a new range of rabbits to its portfolio – but they’re ‘softer’ than the usual clit-stim-and-rotating-beads varieties, in more ways than one. The Naughty Bunny collection includes plushie bunnies with fluffy erections and T-shirts proclaiming their love of porn, and they are also available in keyring format.

“Naughty Bunny is a unique novelty collection starring the most mischievous bunny you’ve ever seen,” said Scala Playhouse. “He wears his T-shirt with pride and there is nothing he likes more than some hot and heavy adult movies with some rampant, steamy scenes. Naughty Bunny is hopping with a rock solid, thumping hard on. Do you dare to let him in your bed?”

The company says the range is made from premium materials and produced with a great eye for detail at a very affordable price. Customers can see Naughty Bunny at the Extravaganza Scala Fair on the 13th and 14th of March, where all the items from the ready to order collection will be on display.