Home Industry News Warm comes to Eropartner Distribution

Warm comes to Eropartner Distribution

Warm comes to Eropartner Distribution

Eropartner Distribution has announced that it is now stocking products from Warm, including the Touch Lubricant Automated Dispensing System and Warm Intimacy Products Warmer. Touch allows users to warm their favourite personal lubricants and massage oils in advance of use, and Eropartner said: “With Touch, a wave of the hand and your favourite lubricant or oil magically appears. Featuring patented Tender Technology, Touch warms your favourite liquids within two minutes to a silky, irresistible temperature that will set your every caress on fire. Sensual purple lighting guides your hand for easy use, day or night.”

The Warm Intimacy Products Warmer performs the same function on sex toys, and Eropartner says it is the only heat-based bedroom accessory created with the sole purpose of safely and effectively doing this. “Fully adaptable, Warm can heat items based on your desired temperature and the experience you crave,” said Eropartner. “Its signature Tender Technology is compatible with a variety of materials and safe for use with all types of pleasure products including battery-operated and rechargeable. With an average warming time starting at 20-25 minutes, Warm can accommodate an array of product sizes and shapes. Its sophisticated design allows Warm to discreetly heat your products while out in plain sight on a nightstand, bathroom counter or even a dining room table.”

For more information visit www.eropartner.com