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Vroom with a phew!

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Fun Factory has announced that it has given its Cobra Libre male masturbation device an overhaul. While the sporty design of the unique toy has been retained, the controls and two powerful motors have been given a revamp.

Cobra Libre’s design was inspired by the AC Cobra, the classic British sports car of the 1960s, and it now boasts 11 finely tuned vibration rhythms to stimulate the penis tip. The company likens the sensation to a long, breathtaking blowjob – sometimes gentle, sometimes intense – and, unlike other male toys, it does not have to be moved up and down by hand.

The Press Fun To Play control unit on the Cobra Libre II has also been completely reworked, and the three buttons are said to be easy to reach even in the dark or underwater. Both motors are started by pressing the Fun button, and the other two buttons are used to change gear.

Special features include a charge level indicator, which Fun Factory say is unique in this sector. The number of illuminated buttons indicates the remaining power – just like in a car, if there is only one light glowing then the Cobre Libre II needs refuelling. The device is charged via USB, so it can be topped up anywhere in the world via a country-specific plug adaptor or by connecting to a computer or tablet.

Fun Factory added in a statement: “Well thought out, right down to the last detail. The comfortable key lock prevents unwanted motor revving in your bags and the practical ‘quick stop’ with the Fun button promises optimal insurance for unexpected braking.”

If you’d like to take the Cobra Libre II for a test drive – its predecessor was named ETO’s Product of the Month on initial release – visit the Fun Factory showroom at www.funfactory.com