Volume 2 from Mapalé: ‘a bold and innovative blend of romance, lust and charm’

Posted: April 30, 2018

‘A bold and innovative blend of romance, lust and charm, perfectly suited to the contemporary woman who demands a little more flair and excitement from their undies’ – that’s how distributor New Temptations has described the new Volume 2 collection from Mapalé.

The distributor expanded: “Some of the highlights include: a cheeky mini camo collection, which features an array of standout styles designed to command attention; street styling for the urban chic; incorporating fresh cuts, bold prints and contrast trims, versatile and sexy enough to be worn with either your favourite jeans or just your stockings; while flirty lace sets in pale pink and seductive black create dreamy day to night looks – held together with delicate straps which wrap around the body to create unique outlines, stimulating curiosity.”

The new Volume 2 collection also features ‘a dark and sultry collection’ of caged teddies and evening dresses. “These are doused in wet look fabrics, fishnet and mesh and jaw dropping harness straps which have us hanging on in suspense,” said New Temptations. “Finally, no Mapalé collection would be complete without a fresh and cheeky take on rave wear. Barely there, candyfloss styles in girly pastel colours, stamped with fairy-tale creatures and symbols, created especially for the modern minx eager to cause a stir on the dancefloor! Don’t miss out on the World Cup madness this year either, Mapalé have you covered (or there about!) Represent, in your choice of designs devoted to nine of this years’ running teams, Oh and a referee kit, so you get to dictate when play begins.”

New Temptations:

[T] 0161 480 6204

[E] sales@newtemptations.co.uk

[W] www.newtemptations.co.uk