Vitenza creates ‘fifty years of adult retail’ infographic

Posted: March 14, 2016

Vitenza has created an infographic called The Liberation of Sex, which plots the progress of adult retail from the 1960s to today and beyond. The image highlights the political, social and media influencers that have shaped the industry over the last five decades.

Alongside the key names expected to feature, such as Ann Summers, Sh!, and Lovehoney, Vitenza itself gets a mention – in the last six months the wholesaler sold, on average, 42 products every hour.

Vitenza attributes this success to adult stores and the company’s UK business manager Samuel Ruddy, who created the infographic, said: “Today, websites and stores that sell adult products are visited by a wide range of people and profit because of it. I was interested in learning more about the origins of the now huge sex market and found things haven’t always been this way. Our success and the success of our clients really is down to the liberations and movements of the last fifty years, which have made people more open to exploring their sexuality.”

The infographic, which optimistically concludes that global sales of adult products are expected to reach £40 billion by 2020, can be seen here.