Vitenza becomes Comfort Click Wholesale

Posted: August 15, 2017

Wellbeing specialists Vitenza has announced it has merged with retailer Comfort Click and the firm will now be known as Comfort Click Wholesale. Comfort Click was established in 2005 and specialises in health and wellbeing products, including sexual wellness brands for men and women, and it was a customer of Vitenza’s.

The newly merged entity will combine both firms’ expertise and knowledge of the market in order to push wholesale forward, according to Hozefa Tijoriwala, one of Comfort Click’s wholesale business managers: “Comfort Click personnel are very knowledgeable about the industry which will add to our own experiences, awards, and accolades and make for a better and more improved service for our clients,” he said.

Samuel Ruddy [pictured], another of Comfort Click’s wholesale business managers, said that the merger will result in a host of benefits: “The advantages for Vitenza were being able to have some financial pedigree to not only buy more products, but to leverage buying power as well. This has allowed us to overhaul our pricing for our clients and also offer some exciting, new products,” he said. “In addition, Comfort Click has always held an ethos of immaculate customer service and support, which we were keen to incorporate into our already high quality service.”

Operations manager Mathieu Pierre commented: “The aim is to build on what Vitenza achieved and actually continue to improve the already excellent service customers have received up until now. The ethos still applies in offering a concise range of products at great prices to give all clients impressive margins.”

Samuel Ruddy added: “This has been much more than just a standard merger. Both companies have assessed the fundamental cornerstones of their respective services and blended these together, so that wholesale and retail are more an extension of each other, rather than separate entities, which often end up working against each other within other businesses.”

The merger will result in significant benefits to existing customers, according to Ruddy: “There has been a complete overhaul from top to bottom, with adjustments and amendments made to pricing, products, and overall service. Customers can expect to see a lot more own branded products being announced over the course of the next financial year and a few have already emerged within our Viaman brand. Improvements have also been made to our service, as we now have a much larger, multi-national team, who can speak with a customer in their own language and properly understand the needs of the client’s business.”

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