Vibez wins Lelo Retailer Display Contest

Posted: June 20, 2014

Lelo has announced that Vibez Adult Boutique is the winner of its UK Retailer Display Contest. The Aylesford-based store will receive £3,000 worth of Lelo products plus a free Lelo item of choice for every member of staff.

Lelo UK account manager Kerri Middleton said: “We’re very pleased with the huge response Lelo received to our UK Retailer Display Contest, and I’m happy to announce that the grand prize of £3,000 worth of Lelo products is Vibez. Congratulations on having such a great display, and thanks to every retailer who took part. We look forward to more events and promotions that we can share with our UK retailer network in the near future.”


The Lelo Retailer Display Contest was open to bricks and mortar retailers based in the UK and Ireland, and to enter stores were asked to upload a picture of their in-store Lelo display and take part in a short survey about in-store POS. Announcing the contest in April, Kerri Middleton said: “The stores do such a great job of merchandising and some staff come up with the most amazing displays so I wanted to focus on those that are really thinking outside of the box.”

The winner was decided by Lelo CEO Miroslav Slavic. More images of the winning entry will be featured in the July issue of ETO and we hope to also include a reaction from Vibez as at the time of writing the store had not yet been informed of its success. So if you’re reading this Vibez, congratulations!

Vibez - LELO Lounge1_SMALL