Vi-Bo collection now available as a gift set

Posted: June 4, 2014

Eropartner Distribution has announced that it is now offering the entire collection of Vi-Bo products from Tenga in one gift set, giving consumers maximum versatility and the benefits of the complete range.

The set comes in a cool tin and includes: 2 x one-speed Vibrating Orbs; 1 x Finger Orb sleeve for fingertip stimulation; 1 x Ring Orb sleeve to fit on the shaft and give vibrating stimulation; 1 x Hand Orb sleeve which allows your fingers to move whilst giving vibrating stimulation; 1 x Twin Orb sleeve which gives you two stimulating ends for double the fun; and 1 x Stick Orb sleeve for double the vibrating orb stimulation.

Although Tenga is known mainly for its male masturbation products, the launch of the Vi-Bo collection has seen its appeal spread to both sexes and couples. “This gift set from Vi-Bo includes such a diverse range of products suitable for men and women, it’s a great item for the bedside drawer”, said Eropartner buyer Elcke Wieffering. “The Vi-Bo range has been a big hit and I’m sure this offering will be just as popular.”

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